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$29 PER MONTH ($100 Value)

We Trade Too is a community of aspiring and established traders . Providing weekly classes, packed with information you can use to make investing a reality! After the housing crash of 2008, many of us were trying to find ways to hold on to our hard earned money.  Whether it was putting it into a savings account (earning just .01%) or just sticking it into a shoe box under our bed. Our mentality shifted from thriving to maintaining! Now we live paycheck to paycheck trying to get by and never learning how to get ahead. 


Investing is a way to not just get ahead but to stay ahead! Let your money do the heavy lifting.  The average yearly return in the stock market is 8% . That's more than any other investment tool, including real estate! So don't procrastinate...

What To Expect

> Weekly Stock Classes

> Live Q & A's w/ Tony

>Weekly Stock Tips

> Trade w/ Tony in Real Time

> Community & Accountability

> Month to Month 

>No Cancellation Fee

>Pay Annual and Get Free 30 Min. 1:1 Session

Save Over $75 with a Subscription

$29 Monthly Subscription

$348 Annual Subscription (INC FREE SESSION)

What People Are Saying

"This man is incredibly knowledgeable on his craft."

Craig Carpenter

"Every session is very organized and helpful."

Josh Green

"I am now strategizing new ways to make money PAY ME."

Jordan Storey

What You Will Need


Internet Connection

Note Taking Device

Quiet Space

Open Mind!

Check Out My Free Video
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